Top 3 Latest Web Design Trends for 2019

Since we are rolling in the second half of 2019, so, it’s really high time for all the business owners to make their online presence in the competitive business world successfully.

Do you have a website for your business? If so, then when was the last time you updated your website? Don’t remember?

That’s the main point. Website designing is an ever-evolving dynamic process since technology, art, trends, and techniques keeps on changing every year.

Always remember that your website is representing you 24*7, and more importantly, there are no ‘off days’ if you want to expand your customer base. That’s why it is always recommended to hire BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, a growing website design company, who will substantially help you to build brands, aids to increase customer conversion, and reach more clients.

Are you curious to know about the latest web design trends for 2019?

Let’s dive deeper to get a full package of knowledge about the latest web designing trends.

# 1 Top priority- Mobile Phones

It’s imperative to have a website that is not only user-friendly but also innovative, out of the box with seamless navigation which can be easily accessible on every device.

If you are the one who wants to cope with the competition, then you should make your website in such a way that it is accessible on every device especially on smartphones.

As we all know that now people are using their mobile phones more frequently in order to reach the internet more than ever, irrespective of their search results. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the researchers of IT revealed that approximately 60% of online queries on various search engines are asked through tablets or smartphones.

Besides, in the first half of 2019, Google also rolled out mobile-first indexing, concerning prioritizing content, and links from mobile website pages. And the initiative will be programmed in the upcoming years; all the website designers are required to give priority to the mobile version of websites.

Being the best website design company, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, we understand the importance of keeping up with new trends that will help you to pave a platform for visual communication between the business and the customer.

# 2 Speed

Three seconds are more than enough for the visitors to scan your website and prepare their mind whether your business is worth it for spending their money or not. Therefore, several people think that it’s just the eye-catching graphic design or templates, and even color themes can do wonders for your business.

In a recent study, it was predicted that more than 50% of the users bounce off of your website when it is taking more than a minute to browse.

With ever-evolving trends and tech, you must have witnessed an array of new experiences that pushed the limits of what is possible on the web. Thereby, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, web design company, help to make a huge impact on your site’s effectiveness and performance.

# 3 Video Backgrounds

Another latest trend of website design that you need to follow in 2019 in order to generate more leads is video background. Now, minimalism has become a thing of the past, because everyone expects everything to be out of the box and exceptionally grand.

To keep the business off the ground, the video backgrounds have become a more accessible website design trend in 2019. And as an old saying goes like pictures worth more than a thousand words; similarly, videos are expected to be more compelling than texts or images.

What a text post does in minutes, a video can do it in a matter of seconds. Web Design Company, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, will also assist you in developing an eye-catching and user-friendly videos so that you can easily nullify all the odds of your business failure.

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As we all know that to build a proficient website with optimal functionality, you would have to require a broad spectrum of skills and should have deep knowledge of ongoing trends and technology.

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