Stages Involved in Mobile App Development Process

Application design

In today’s era, building a mobile application isn’t extremely complicated. However, building a successful mobile app is an extensive process involving thorough pre-planning. Numerous amounts of mobile apps are published to the Google Play and Apple App Stores on a daily basis. Few of these apps are social platforms, others are different types of games, and the rest are e-commerce apps. All of these apps, if intelligently built, should invariably follow a detailed and extensive mobile app development process. 

Following are the five crucial steps that are involved in the app development process:

  1. Idea: As a matter of fact, we assume that the ideas that strike us is brilliant and genius. However, even though these ideas can be amazing, they may not necessarily be bridging the gap. An idea can only be successfully transformed into a mobile app if it effectively solves a genuine problem of the target audience who will eventually using the digital product. It’s highly vital to keep the end user in mind during each and every stage of the process. A thorough research of the market you wish to target – demographic and behaviour patterns, analysis of your potential competition needs to be done efficiently – all of which will be the underlying foundation for you to design and build your app on. 
  2. Designing: Once a detailed analysis and research is completed – it’s now time to conceptualise your idea and transform it into a beautiful digital property. The key is to hit the right UX/UI design balance. BWS Marketing Solutions, a leading mobile application development company, focus on every intricate detail and element required to build a revolutionary app – from seamless navigation and maintaining uniformity to bespoke and user-friendly designs – everything is effectively taken care of. 
  3. Development: The development phase is usually kick started way early on in the process. In fact, once an idea gains some maturation in the transformation stage, a working prototype is developed which justifies the functionality, and provides a better guidance by giving a better understanding of the potential scope of work. Milestones are usually set for every stage of the process to ensure the smooth running of the project.
  4. Testing: A proper testing of the prototype needs to be thoroughly carried out no matter how seamless the app may seem to you. In fact, app testing is something that you need to essentially start early on in the development process as it’ll become more expensive to fix bugs or glitches later once you go farther into the development cycle.
  5. Deployment: Without a shadow of doubt, this is the most crucial and exciting part of all the app development process steps. The app has been successfully tested and ready to launch on different application stores. It’s wise to also remember that app needs timely updates and new features to be added to it. 

App development may seem like a lengthy and exhausting process which is why reaching out to a professional mobile application development company is highly imperative. BWS Marketing Solutions LTD based in London has a skilled set of designers and developers who are passionate about building beautiful digital properties that will eventually become the ultimate game changers! 

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