Importance of Well-designed Website in Digital Marketing Strategy

importance of web design

The importance of a well-designed and seo-friendly website is underrated. It is highly imperative to keep updating the website to keep up with the upcoming trends and ensure consistent traffic & engagement. There are many factors that amount up to a great website. Facts that invariably serve as the heart of your marketing efforts and aid your company in achieving its ultimate organisational goals. BWS Marketing Solutions, a leading and growing web design company in London, factor in all the vital components in web designing that contribute to maximising your site’s SEO, convert potential customers into loyal customers and ultimately influence as many people as possible.

Let’s take a further look into the various components that a good web design can help with: 

  1. SEO: It’s vital to have updated and fresh through a company blog is a brilliant way to drive relevant traffic to your website thereby improving your ranking. Duplicate content will hamper your search engine rankings therefore its imperative to ensure content isn’t complicated.
  2. User Experience: Ensuring that the speed of your site is at its optimum level, simple navigation all effectively contribute to a seamless user experience. Visual elements that you use on your website have an impact on your design as well. If your website offers a bad user experience it invariably have an adverse effect on your traffic. Users will be less likely to recommend your business or share your page thus negatively affecting your SEO and brand image. 
  3. CRO: Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of enhancing your website to increase the chances of a visitor to take the desired action such as purchase a product to essentially improve your conversion rate (CR). You must design your site so that it drives users to these call to actions. BWS Marketing Solutions, a leading and growing web design company in London, has a set of professional and skilled team of experts who design bespoke websites with the right balance between appearance and efficiency. A well thought through and designed website can effectively help enhance the layout, text, and online forms to improve your conversion rates and eventually increase sales.
  4. Brand Identity: A website speaks volumes about your business. Your potential customers get the first impression of your brand by visiting your website. Brand identity is highly imperative to UX and CRO as it essentially builds trust between the user and your business and it will positively influence their decision making. A bad experience on your website will reflect negatively on your brand and unfortunately may have an adverse impact on performance.

When building your digital property, you need skilled professionals to design every page of your site. Mainly because technical malfunctions are very easily noticed by a website visitor. Quality of your website can be ensured simply by avoiding any design element that will slow down the speed of your website. Your website should effectively allow your users to navigate seamlessly without any hindrance and access your products easily. BWS Marketing Solutions, a leading and growing web design company in London, design beautiful digital properties that essentially prove advantageous to your business and in turn lead to accomplishing the organization’s set goals.

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