Explore the Power of Colour in Logo Designing and Branding

While creating a robust and memorable logo for the business, you may encounter a plethora of things. Your aim is to leave a positive remark on potential clients. From selecting the design, shape, font, template, to the colour of the logo, you must look for the best component for your business’ brand image. 

You need to make sure that your logo represents the personality of your company’s vision and products more positively. 

Colours always influence our thinking, reactions, and affect our decision. In fact, as per psychology, it holds an array of meanings that describes diverse cultures around the world, as well as a tone of purposes that can be manifested in the natural world. 

The reason behind this is that colour always digs deeper into human psychology; therefore, designers can benefit from harnessing and incorporating it in their designs. Hence, before choosing any logo design for your business entity, make sure that you are selecting the right colour for your brand. 

Picking the right palette will help you to develop your identity better and adds versatility to your designs. Moreover, being a logo design company, BWS Marketing Solutions, help you create a fantastic logo design for your brand to have the best shot at success.

Logo Design Colour Spectrum

Do you want to set a strong and positive connection with your targeted audience? More importantly, wishing to portray a story of your brand with your customers, then we firmly believe that starting with a logo would be the right choice. While looking for the logo design, pay full attention to the meaning of every single colour in order to convey the right brand message. 

Recent research conducted by Colorcom revealed that a human mind takes only 90 seconds to make a subconscious judgment about any product or service. Moreover, between 62% and 90% of that assessment are merely based on colour alone. That’s why it is said that the success of the brand strategy significantly based on the choices of logo design colours. 

BWS Marketing Solutions, a logo design company always pay full attention to your business visions and objectives so that they can directly link the selected logo’s colour with the brand image. 

With the essence of above-stated facts, here are some basic colour meanings for you. Give it a thorough reading and then choose the right colour as per your business vision and objective. 

Meaning of Red Colour in Logo Design

Being the warmest from all other colour schemes, red shows passion, energy, love, desire, and determination. That’s why several countries opt this colour in their flags. In fact, this colour is also associated with confidence, youth, and power. 

So, if you want to get the attention of your customers, and trigger strong associations, then this colour is your best choice. Take a look at how popular brands such as CNN, Lays, YouTube, and Lego have used colour in their logo designs. 

Blue Colour Psychology in Logo Design

So, blue – the colour of the sky and the ocean. In fact, a soothing colour that stands for peace, freedom, imagination, peace, and integrity. It’s a colour which inspires people to be confident, loyal, sincere, and to be intelligent – that’s why it is a highly corporate colour. 

Blue predominantly represents trust, security, and stability. Several companies who have incorporated this colour in their logo design are standing ahead of their rivals such as Facebook, Pepsi, Skype, and DELL. 

So, if you want help to decide the right colour for your logo, then BWS Marketing Solutions, a logo design company would be your best option. 

Psychology Behind Using Green Colour in Logo Design

Green- Nature’s favourite colour. Associated with the spring season, a symbol of new beginnings, safety, environment, fertility, and life. Moreover, it is also a status symbol of ambition, wealth, banking, and money.  

As a matter of fact, it takes dominance in the natural world; this colour consumes ample space in the spectrum of the human eye. As a result, it is an ideal background for any kind of design because it is visible anywhere. The international brands which have used this colour in their brand image are Tropicana, HESS, Land Rover, And Whole foods. 


Even though the meaning of every colour varies in different cultures and countries; the meaning which you understand might be different from other’s views. Everybody has their own likings, perceptions, and choices. Therefore, it would be best for you to hire a professional who can help you in dealing with the colour spectrum enigma. 

The best logo design company and the branding agency in London, BWS Marketing Solutions is your one-stop destination for all your branding needs. Our focus is to provide you the highest quality and the utmost level of designs in the market.

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