Benefits of Incorporating Icons in Web Design

When you are launching a startup or starting as an entrepreneur, having a corporate identity sounds pretty cool, in short, corporate. But don’t let the word hinder you from achieving more.

Setting up a traditional brick and mortar office in the business world doesn’t prove that your business can attract more customers towards your business, and generate more revenue. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to develop a website for your business.  

It’s really pertinent to consider how the outside world sees your business. So, how will you do that? Simply, by designing a business website. As we all are quite aware of the fact that there are already several entrepreneurs in the outside world who are doing a brilliant job but still they are not getting enough leads.

Being a website design and development company in London, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, we can help you in building attractive, refreshing, engaging websites for your business. More importantly, we will also make sure that you are adding the right icons to your website.

It is essential to incorporate icons into your website so that it can be a fun, stylish, and easy way to foster engagement among your users.  

Design is all about communication. No matter how relevant or useful information you are sharing, but if it fails to make your visitors interested in exploring more about it, then what’s the point.

Key Benefits of using icons in Web design and UX Design

Let’s look at the way why it is always advisable to integrate icons in web design, and how they can enhance the user experience.

#1 Draw Attention

While browsing a particular website, most users will simply look for those things which they encounter exciting and fascinating. Once they see it appealing, then only they will actually start reading and figuring  more about the topic they are interested in.

So, if you want to grab the attention of your visitors, then you should integrate icons in your corporate website. It is a simple and easiest way to draw the attention of users into the content of your website or a mobile app.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, same as in the case of icons.  Without icons or images in the web design, a website can be quite dull or boring. Images always catch the attention of the users to certain content or product.

That’s why we tend to go through that information where we see attractive elements.  A web development and design Company in London, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, we will help you design websites with eye-catching icons so that you can grab the maximum attention of your customers.

#2 Increase Readability

Well, the icons usually play the same psychological purpose of the paragraph. But it deciphers the meaning in a more visual and funny way. In short, they visually break up the flow of the content and eventually make it less boring.

Do you want to present the content of your website in a more exciting manner? If so, you should develop a well-designed page, with the text broken into shorter paragraphs and highlighted by icons, so that you can sustain the attention of your users.

Pro Tip- Stop wasting time in writing about the things that no one will read, in short, start using icons in between the content. Always remember that we are living in a visual era!

Moreover, don’t just restrain yourself by just using icons for services or products, you can use them instead of bullet points as well. Rather than using standard pattern of bullets, why don’t you incorporate engaging icons to grab the attention of users towards your website’s content?

Furthermore, don’t overdo anything. Overdoing in anything always leads to failure. Rather than adding more icons on the website, you should use less and effective images so that users will not get distracted from the core user flow. In fact, too many bullet lists can also become confusing and counterproductive regarding the readability. That’s why use, fewer images on the website, but it should be practical and quite memorable for the users.

#3 Simplify the User’s Life

As a matter of fact, the main idea for the usage of the icons on the website is that it should pave a path for the users while scanning the site. In short, it should assist customers to do what they are looking for without requiring additional effort or brainpower.

Here, as a web design and development company in London, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD, will help you use the icons in web design in a well-designed way so that it enables effective communication without too many words. The main motto behind designing a website is to deliver your message clearly and effectively to your customers.

If your users are getting bogged down in parsing and digesting whole walls of text, that is the time they are not spending in using your site for its intended purpose. Properly utilized, icons can assist you to mitigate this problem by facilitating active, and efficient communication.

#4 Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal

Last but not least, by using icons in the website design, you can create the UI more visually more appealing and bring personality and visual delight to the user experience.


By now we firmly believe that you have a better idea about the benefits of integrating icons in your website design and how you can attract more customers towards your business. Through icons, you can easily help your users to navigate your website and take actions more quickly.

A leading web design and development company in London, BWS Marketing Solutions LTD pool their entire focus into designing an eye-catching yet memorable website so that your company can convey the right message about the brand image of your business. Moreover, our experienced team will help to get your business’s web presence up to speed, and also strengthen the marketing efforts for your business.

Let us help you!

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